Plumbing Services

We can take care of any household plumbing needs. From a blocked drain, small leak or anything else in-between. We have the experience, tools and knowledge to get your household plumbing working efficiently again.

iconTap Repairs & Maintenance

Simply by fixing a small drip can save litres of water per day and reduce you energy bill.

Have you got a tap that won’t turn off? Burst water pipe? Unexplained dampness in your home or workplace? Leaking water main? Leak from vent pipe overflow? If you see, hear or suspect a leak in or around your home, we have you covered. Our team will repair or replace your pipework quickly and efficiently to keep your home dry and secure, as well as helping you save water.

Upgrading your Kitchen? Do you need a new waste disposal unit or Dishwasher? Our team are specialists in these areas, providing an exceptional finish.

Shower leaking or need a new slide rail? Is your toilet blocking or taps loose and need tightening? Renovating or upgrading this space? We can service all bathroom tapware and install new toilets, showers and vanities to keep you clean and your business flushing away.

Do you want to have a new look Laundry, or save room and move your laundry into a cupboard space? We can provide solutions to ensure your washing machine is connected and your tub is fully operational. Trust us to install that new washing machine, wash tub or laundry space.

High energy bill? No hot water? Bad water pressure? If you have no hot water or need to upgrade your how water system, try our new hot water cylinders, Inifinity, instantaneous hot water installs or combi boiler systems which do both hot water and radiator heating. We ensure your hot water is set at a safe temperature, compliant to our codes so you keep everyone safe.

Simply by fixing a small drip can save litres of water per day and reduce you energy bill.

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